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Tips on Writing a Good Assignment for College:

A college student always treats every assignment like a challenge, because the majority of the writing requirements are too complicated for an average student. The young person is supposed to prepare a logical and well-formatted paper which would reflect her knowledge, creativity, responsibility and ambitiousness. One has to complete an interesting text which would captivate the professor’s attention at once. Of course, every student requires a piece of advice and free college assignment writing tips can be quite helpful for everyone. Read more »

Guidelines How to Write an Argumentative Essay:

An argumentative essay is the complicated paper which requires student’s attention, patience, ambitiousness and creativity. The young person should be firm in her decisions and solutions and should persuade the reader in the truthfulness of his point of view with the help of the quality arguments. It is natural that one is not always able to succeed in writing without the professional assistance of the free argumentative essay writing tips placed below. Read more »

How to Write a Persuasive Essay:

The idea of a persuasive essay is to train student’s writing skills and the ability to select the best arguments which can convince the reader in the student’s opinion in the logical way. Of course, the difficulty of this essay lies not in the structure or format of the paper but in the quality of the content and relevance of its arguments. The young professional is able to prepare a successful assignment himself focusing on the free persuasive essay writing tips placed online for the student’s convenience. Read more »


Essay on How to Control Stress

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How easy sometimes people say the answer to the question, why do they look like a tired or discontented person: “I am under a lot of stress.” And then begins, as a rule, an enumeration of all the difficulties – from health problems to problems with work, problems in communicating with loved ones. And the person usually seems to believe that to be under a stress it’s something normal, inevitable, as the bad weather. Somehow, it is believed even normally that the business person is under stress.

And hardly anyone knows, how to control stress – so that business goes better and not to spoil relations with either employees or partners.

Stress, speaking the language of science, it’s physical, mental, emotional, and chemical reaction of the body to the external stimuli, something that scares, annoys, or threatens it. The human brain cannot tell a real threat from the seeming, so whenever the situation seems dangerous, the body reacts to it as to a real threat. The more hostile environment seems to the brain, the more time the body is in a state of combat readiness. Chronic stress is a result of a permanent combat readiness. Read more »

For many people the question how can we live without television is akin to one how can we live without food, shelter, or the Internet. But for 1-2 percent of Americans abstaining from watching TV is a fact of life. Relevant research conducted by the professor Marina Krcmar at the University of North Carolina, where she interviewed 120 people, not watching TV, and 92 people doing it, was presented in her book “Life without a screen.”

Aversion to television turns out to be quite common for people with different views. “I interviewed a young single man of 31, the artist living in Boston, who considers himself a man living at the crossroads of cultures. Later, I spoke with a very religious woman, a mother of 10 children who lived in the Midwest. These people would have hardly agreed in their opinion on life issues, but when I asked them about the television, I’ve got absolutely identical answers,”- said Marina.

Krcmar herseklf has been living without television for 13 years. “This is the thing that I do not need, it annoys me, like a mosquito,” – says the researcher. However, she found that the causes which impel man to abandon the TV can be divided into three groups. Read more »


Free Essay on Same Sex Marriage

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The idea of same sex marriage has gained momentum among many societies around the world. The situation is rampant in western societies where same sex marriages have been on the increase. It is imperative to note that same sex marriage includes gays and lesbians.

Analysis and discussion
The Census bureau of the United States estimates that there are 594000 same sex households in the country. This number was an increase as compared to the earlier years (American Civil Liberties Union, 1). The increase in the number of households over the years was triggered by legalization of the marriages. It should be noted that same sex marriage was legalized in few states. The situation has changes in the recent past since more states have been validating same sex union. The bureau adds that of the 594000 households an estimated 43933 have children (United States Census Bureau, 1). The question of having children within the same sex marriage has also gained traction after it was revealed that the couples are interested in raising normal families just like their heterosexual counterparts. For example, human rights campaigns in the United States estimate that one in every five same sex couple is raising children (Patterson, 3). The need for having children was not a major issue a decade among the same sex community. Read more »


Essay on Eddie Murphy

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Edward Regan (Eddie) Murphy (Brooklyn, New York, 3 april 1961) is an American actor, stand-up comedian and singer.

Murphy began his career as a stand-up comedian. His best-known stand-up shows Delirious (1983) and Raw (1987), were released on VHS and DVD.

Murphy plays generally roll with a comic touch. In some films, he plays multiple roles in addition to a main role.

He began his television career at NBC ‘s Saturday Night Live television show. From the beginning of the eighties, he focused on acting in (more or less) comic movies. After his first film roles in 48 Hrs and Trading Places he became famous. Then followed the successful Beverly Hills Cop series and Coming to America.

In the late eighties and early nineties his popularity declined. However, he made a comeback with the movie The Nutty Professor, a remake of the eponymous film by Jerry Lewis in 1963. Read more »


The Book You Like Most Essay

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Reading a very important activity, which broadens one’s mind, educates and entertains. No wonder it is supposed the most useful activity for everyone who wants to be called an intelligent person. Evidently, one should begin reading in the young age, because the children’s mind is able to develop very fast and can accumulate knowledge in high concentrations, so reading a good exercise for everyone who wants to be called a literate person, who is able to think critically and evaluate the world objectively.

It does not worth mentioning that everyone has his own most favourite book. The favourite book is the one which remains in the mind forever and is never boring even if it is read for the tenth or hundredth time. If the person feels sad or bored, she can apply for the favourite book and experience adventures, problems and happiness with the favourite characters in the fictional world. The favourite book is closely connected with the phenomenon of nostalgia, which is quite a frequent thing among the grownups, who dream to return to the past and meet the people they love and do the things they enjoyed. Books are quite helpful in this case, because arouse the same feeling of nostalgia and teleport the reader to the past. Read more »


Essay on the Presidency

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The chapter in the book expounds on the exercise of leadership by presidents and the limitations that executive authority faces. The chapter looks at the environment in which presidents operate especially where there are competing centres of power, checks and balances. The presidents must deal with the diverse interests represented as well as counter the other power sources. It tries to show how the reality of being president is different from the myth that the president is a powerhouse.

The political skills and management capabilities of the president are shown to be significant in terms of managing the diverse interests, negotiate, deal with conflict and mobilize influence.

The chapter also analyses the deep beliefs of American citizens in terms of political and moral beliefs as well as the values that bind the American society together.

It looks at the terms of the presidency and the reality of removing a sitting president who is facing credibility issues. This is centred on the constitutional provisions that regulate the term and removal of a president. The provisions give the criteria to be met and processes to follow. Finally presidential powers in general are analysed, especially his decision making powers as the chief executive of the government, his powers regarding foreign relations and national security and communication to the public,as well as, the powers vested in him in congressional leadership. Read more »


AGL Corporation Analysis Essay

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Prospective Analysis
Prospective analysis of a business is process that an analyst uses to evaluate the economic and risks prospects of a firm by investigating the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. This is done by valuating the business on the intrinsic value of the organization. An enterprise value is a proxy valuation of the firm by approximating the market value of the company currently. This is done by taking the account of the liquid assets, equity instruments and outstanding debts presented in the balance sheet. Accordingly, the enterprise value of the AGL Energy will be calculated by using the market capital, debts and cash it is holding. Business valuation involves forecasting the future value through the discounted cash flows from income statement and balance sheet. This is based on the expected actual conditions of the business during the forecasted period.

The value of a business is forecasted by understanding the value of the share in future. This is done by evaluating the market condition and the performance of the firm. The value of the stock represents the future cash flows an investor expects to earn in future through dividends. Thus, the stock value is the present value of future cash flows that one expects to receive in future. The stock price of AGL Energy Corporation in stock market is $49 and 1119.54 million outstanding shares. Thus, the value of the firm will be computed by multiplying the stock price with the outstanding number of shares. The stock price is used to calculate the market value of the firm by calculating it with the number of the outstanding shares. This is done as shown in the valuation equation below.

Market value = stock price * number of outstanding shares
AGL market value = $49 * 1,119.54 millions = $5.49 billions. Read more »

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