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Drug and Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Essay: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Is a Serious Problem

The problem of alcohol and drug abuse is of high importance nowadays. It is especially acute among young people and this fact horrifies most of all. Today the statistics shows deplorable numbers of young people, drinking and taking drugs. What is more terrible is that more and more young people start drinking and taking drugs. It is high time to stop this epidemic if our society does not want to loose its future.

Alcohol abuse is itself very harmful for a human organism, especially for a young one as it destroys brain cells and other organs. However, the harmful effect on different apparatuses is not the only harm brought by alcohol abuse. The consequences of alcoholic intoxication, as well as of drug usage, are far more ruinous for both the abuser and his environment. Under the influence of drugs young people experience new feelings and are ready to go into the deep end.

They are more aggressive and uncontrolled. The majority of rapes and dangerous sexual intercourse happen under the influence of drugs and alcohol (Walcott 51).

What are the reasons of such widespread alcohol dependence? The major reason of this abuse is the psychological instability of teenagers. Young people begin to drink at about thirteen years old when their psychology is unstable and their main aim is to assert themselves. Drugs and alcohol help them to feel free and independent and to do the things that are forbidden for them. Usually being controlled by their parents, they long to break al the rules and bans. It is proved by the fact that more than 10 million drinkers in the USA are between 12 and 20(Young People and Alcohol).

Unfortunately, I experienced the effect of alcohol and have first-hand knowledge of this feeling of lack of restraint. When I was about 13-teen years old, I experimented with alcohol. In fact, this was peer pressure that caused me to give in, but I liked it. When I drank I had the sensations of light-headiness, with lost inhibition to do anything.

I was usually a serious non-talkative young person, but after having more than my share of the wine, I became the opposite, even jumping off a roof of some building onto another roof, which was about 25 feet long. What attracted me is that as I jumped, the sensation was almost of flying with the feeling I was going over the edge of the roof below me.

Though, in fact, the roof was not very high, these feelings are still vivid in my mind even today. I got sick later that night. It was my first sickness feeling from over drinking.

My second experience that I would like to cite as an example of alcohol and drug addiction is of my step-son. Back in 2006, early spring, my wife and I were already asleep on Saturday. About 2:00 in the morning we were abruptly awakened by a phone call from the sheriff’s office in our town. The sheriff proceeded to tell us that he had our son in custody, and that he had been arrested for a traffic violation. Besides they found open cans of beer and a pipe with marijuana in his possession. We were astonished and taken by surprise. When we arrived at the sheriff’s office, we tried to discuss the problem with my step-son. However, he did not seem to understand the situation he was in. He was rather indifferent about the problem and very disrespectful towards the sheriff and us. When we asked what had happened, the sheriff stated that he had been driving under the influence of both substances. It seemed to us that our son did not realize that he was being arrested and denied the use of marijuana even though it was in his possession.

Our son had been working part-time at a local restaurant and we were used to him having to work late on weekends, but he always came home within 30 minutes of quitting time. That Saturday he chose to have fun. It turned out that this was happening throughout many establishments like restaurants and fast-food places that stay open late. After they close, some of the employees go out back and drink alcohol that is provided by the establishment and also smoke marijuana.

The sheriff was good to my step-son, he only charged him with possession of less than 8 oz of marijuana and did not even mention the drinking and driving. However, my son still did not understand the implication or how lucky he was not to have that on his record. We later learnt to our dismay that he had first experimented with marijuana and alcohol when he was younger than I.

So, it is clear that alcohol and drugs give the possibility to feel independent. Therefore, the youth does not realize the harm, caused by the abuse. Girls start drinking even earlier than boys and it is a well-known fact that women’s alcoholism is difficult to cure and it has grave consequences.

Having analyzed the problem, we can come up to the ways out of it. The most effective way of prevention alcohol and drug abuse is attention to children in families. They should feel care and their importance; then they would not need to assert themselves and to prove anything to others. Certainly, it is necessary to control them and to know their company, but this must be done very carefully without oppression. Parents should take an active part in their children’s life and having noticed any signs of the abuse, they must take the necessary steps. They can either talk to children or take them to a psychologist in order to explain them the danger.

To make a conclusion, nowadays alcohol and drug abuse is a very significant problem, which becomes more and more acute. Young people start drinking and taking drugs gradually earlier, which leads them to crimes, car accidents and rapes. The American society should take measures in order to reduce the number of drinking children. But first of all these are parents who are responsible for their children. More attention to them and their companies can solve the problem somehow.

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