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Florence Nightingale essay paper

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Florence Nightingale essay paper:

If Florence Nightingale were around today, we would have a long talk about the changes that have been made since she was a nurse. I would tell her about how she has changed the way people think about nurses and the way people perceive the medical profession. I would also like to ask her if she knew that she was going to make such an impact on today’s society.

First of all, when she was a nurse, things were a lot different. The medical technology back then was not as advanced as ours today. Her rules about cleanliness and sterility have really paved the way today. Also about her breakthrough with ventilation and clean air has really made a difference. Today we take these innovations and practice them everyday. Back then, who would have thought that by just wearing gloves and using clean water, it would have made such an impact on the people becoming well. In hospitals today, we take for granted Band-Aids, sterile dressings, and clean bedding.

Since Florence’s day, even the medical procedures have changed. I would talk with her about how we have epidurals and c-sections during childbirth, and how midwives are few and far between. Also I would discuss with her about how families are not as close as they used to be. In her day, families took in their elderly and kept them until their final days. Today people send their families to nursing homes.

Florence Nightingale’s work was very crucial to today’s working class of nurses. Not only did she pave the road for nurses, but other medical professions too. Besides making advancements in sterile techniques, she also collected and used data to make improvements in hospitals. Her two life achievements were to be a pioneer of nursing and to reform hospitals. I think she accomplished these very well. Without her achievements, there is no telling how medicine would be today. Without Florence Nightingale, nursing wouldn’t be what it is today.


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