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Example Research Paper on Project Management:

1. Project success is determined by a set of various conditions including proper planning, and execution of the project. Usually project’s success is determined by the SMART criteria which stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. In other words for the project to become a success, it has to be well defined, with set deadlines, and done by people who can actually get the job done (achievable).

Whenever the project does not meet the SMART criteria, there is a great chance that the project will be of no use to the company that initiates it. The reason why a large number of projects fail to meet their stated objectives, i.e. schedule, cost, scope and performance objectives is because it is rather hard for the project managers to precisely predict the future to which a given project relates. Although, everyone understands that project should meet the SMART criteria, in practice it is rather hard to achieve especially when the corporate resources are scarce (Martin, 232). Read more »


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