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Admission essay example

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Example admission essay:

I intend to major in computer science. This decision is a result of my interest and experience in computer programming. I came to the United States two years ago as an international student with a determination to become an excellent professional in this field. That is why I want to receive higher education at the University of California. After graduation, I would like to pursue a career of a computer engineer.

When I was a kid, I had a various interests: table tennis, Chinese music, and swimming. But on my twelfth birthday I received a computer, and since then, it is my greatest passion. Writing programs and reading computer books was my hobby ever since. In 10th grade, I was elected to be computer club president in my secondary school. Others enjoyed playing computer games, while I enjoyed creating them. I will always remember my first one, a 2-D fighter plane shooting game, which was written in C language and ran in MS-DOS. I distributed the game among the club members, and they all loved to play it. In 1996, my high school was appointed by the government of Hong Kong to be one of the first schools in my country to integrate information technology into classrooms and campus life. I took part in this project as an assistant and wrote a homepage and a commodity-tracking program for the student society.

After graduating from high school, I worked as a table tennis coach in order to save money for studying aboard. During that period, I also wrote a series of articles “How to Write a Game Using C Language” in “Hong Kong PC Education” computer magazine. I got the MSCE (Microsoft Certificated Engineer) Certificates as a result of my training in the Microsoft Authorized Training Center. Also, I competed in Hong Kong Computer Game-Maker Challenge. It was a teamwork and we created a fighting game “Killer”. Although we did not win, I gained great experience of writing a team project program.

In 2003, I came to United States as an international student.

During the first half year of my studying in the USA, I participated in a program provided by the American Language Institute. It gave me an opportunity to study in San Diego State University’s undergraduate courses as an Open University student. According to my field of interest, I took three Computer Science classes and two Math classes. I was among the most successful students in all classes. After that, I entered San Diego Mesa College, where I had an excellent performance in studying, with an overall GPA of 3.7. I got A or A+ in all the major requirement courses.

After I came to United States, I competed in the Google Code Jam Competition and Topcoder Open. These competitions on algorithms were held among the programmers from all over the world. At least once a month, I take part in the Topcoder Single Round Matches, where I meet many programmers and we exchange algorithm experience.

Last summer, I took several courses during the Summer Session in the University of California San Diego. One of the classes I took was Basic Data Structure. During my studies, I have met other computer science students of UCSD. I took the first place among the students of this class and got an A+. It gives me confidence that I am able to succeed in University of California.

I learned a lot of important and interesting things during my studying and participation in other activities. I believe it gave me knowledge, experience and confidence that are extremely important in studying, as well as in life generally. I hope I will succeed in both.


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