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Essay on Racial Profiling in Airports

Posted by admin as Essays

The frequency of the cases of racial profiling has increased recently. Racial profiling is connected with suspecting of a person of a certain ethnicity based on the well-known prejudices and stereotypes about the representatives of this ethnicity. Racial profiling is a branch of a broad category called racism. Actually, racial profiling is a noteworthy problem. Many non-white people, especially Arab Americans and African Americans, are stopped in the street without any reason.

This type of discrimination is widely practiced in airports. Nearly every ‘suspicious’ non-white person is screened by the special appliances that can detect drugs, explosives, guns and knives.

Undoubtedly, such selective attitude towards the people of a different race is humiliating and offensive. It spoils the entire impression of the guests of this country about the hospitality of its people.

The background of the problem of racial profiling in airports is clear. When the USA suffered from the September 11 terroristic attacks, our society changed its opinion about Muslims and Arabs.

About three thousand people died during that tragedy; hereupon it was a shock for everyone. The international terroristic organization called Al Qaeda was responsible for this terroristic act. Needless to say that the majority of people began to treat Muslims and Arabs as potential terrorists.

Unluckily, Arabs and Arab Americans became the main targets of racial profiling in airports and other strategic public places that require enhanced guarding. Apart from the September 11 events, the stereotype was formed under the influence of other similar terroristic acts of Islamic organizations in European countries. Taking into account London and Paris, the recent terroristic acts were committed by Arab-looking Muslims as well. Thus, many people possess a stereotype of a violent and cruel Muslim in their heads. We can surely speak about the human ignorance and our tendency to generalize things. Many people treat other nations relying on their knowledge about the definite representative of this country. For example, one can say that Czechs enjoy drinking beer though has seen only one Czech in his life.

Although racial profiling in airports is an unfair and unpleasant procedure, this complex of actions is important for our peace and security. In my opinion, the solution of this problem is very easy.

The police officers should scan everyone without exceptions. Without doubt, white people are able to commit the same crimes aboard a plane. There are many cases of the terroristic acts committed by white criminals. For that reason, every passenger should be scanned and checked carefully to prevent discrimination and racial profiling.

When people are scanned selectively, it is not the way out. This sort of attitude will confuse and insult people. Why should a police officer scan a young Arab-looking woman when he does not pay attention to a brutally looking white man? This kind of attitude is very weird inasmuch as this suspiciously looking man can be a former prisoner who committed serious crimes in the past. No one can predict his behavior at this moment.

I suppose that racial profiling in airports demonstrates our helplessness and fear. When one cannot solve a problem, he starts looking for an imaginary enemy. This kind of policy is the most evident feature of a totalitarian state. In addition, racial profiling shows the ineffectiveness of the police and federals. In the end, it improves the activity of the terroristic organizations. It provides terrorists with the wider choice of actions and types of behavior. When a head-terrorist knows that people in airports are checked selectively, he will recruit a white person who will commit a terroristic act. If a white person does not look suspiciously, she is able to carry explosives and guns insensibly and use them on board a plane. As a result, it is unwise to be selective in such delicate matters. If my life depended on the selective approach of the police officers who checked only Arab-looking people, I had better travelled by train.

After all, I think that racial profiling in airports is a very dangerous phenomenon. It does not only humiliate people of a certain race but it also reduces the performance and effectiveness of the guards who are responsible for the security of these places.

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