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Essay: Will Musical Training Make You More Successful?

Posted by admin as Essays

Music occupies one of the leading places among arts. Since time immemorial music has been a part of human life. Archeologists have found a lot of various musical instruments which date back to prehistoric times. Consequently, people have always loved and respected beauty. Music is one of its forms. It does not worth mentioning that people have always respected musicians due to their sophistication, wisdom and creativity. Nearly every ancient musician was a poet at the same time. He performed a song and played a musical instrument simultaneously. Such musicians attracted attention of the crowd and won its respect and fascination. Moreover, musicians were associated with mystery and deep knowledge.

Musical education was obligatory among the representatives of aristocracy. Music stayed in one row with philosophy, ethics and theology. A well-educated and intelligent person had to be able to play at least one musical instrument. In addition, she had to possess deep theoretical knowledge about this art.

People believed that music helped one sharpen his mind and improve his creativity, logical thinking and taste. Furthermore, music is the best way to teach one to love and understand art and beauty.

Doubtless, the importance of music has not reduced yet. Parents still offer their children to attend musical classes and play musical instruments. It is reasonable to introduce music to children in early age. When children receive bringing up in musical environment, their personality is developed faster and better. They are good at arts and sciences, because their brains work intensively. Children develop their motor skills; obtain endurance and strength in hands. Moreover, they train their memory. It is hard to learn the entire musical work with all pauses, rhythm and tempo. Consequently, children make their brans work harder in order to remember every detail of a song. Young musicians learn to think and react rapidly. They have to know how to prevent and correct mistakes. Finally, they need to develop creativity in order to improvise and create their own music works. It is possible to speak about cultural value of musical training. When children learn musical theory, they get to know about the history of music in different cultures. Therefore, young people learn history through the prism of culture and understand their native roots better. A course of folk music helps one understand his traditions and feel the spirit of previous generations.

According to numerous surveys every prosperous person can play a musical instrument. It is possible to claim that music is one the secrets of their success. Naturally, one trains a great number of skills while playing a guitar or piano. These skills are universal and they cannot be lost. Smart people implement these skills in business, engineering, management, teaching practice, politics, etc. One can say that music is the best remedy for frustration and anger. When you are disappointed, you can take your guitar or violin and play for half an hour. Your anger disappears and your mood becomes better. As a result, prosperous people have sober mind, because they relax with the help of music. Then, musicians always attract attention of other people. They are sociable and reflect positive energy. No wonder, musicians attract positive people and gain solid social connections.

In conclusion, musical training really improves human personality, because it is a great investment into your self-development. Of course, you ought to train other skills and develop background knowledge if you want to reach your goal. When you are good at your major disciplines and have musical education, you will surely build a career of your dream.

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