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A college student always treats every job as a challenge, because the majority of the writing requirements are too complicated for an average student. The young person is supposed to prepare a relevant and well-formatted paper which would reflect her knowledge, creativity, responsibility, and ambitiousness. One has to complete an interesting text which would captivate the professor’s attention at once. Of course, every student requires a piece of advice, and free college assignment writing tips can be quite helpful for everyone.

Discuss the Assignment with the Professor.

The starting point of writing begins with the talk between the student and teacher about the type of the task, its format, length, complexity and individual recommendations. It is natural that every assignment has its structure and approach towards the research and writing and the young person has to devote enough time to this process to satisfy the professor. Read more »

For many people the question how can we live without television is akin to one how can we live without food, shelter, or the Internet. But for 1-2 percent of Americans abstaining from watching TV is a fact of life. Relevant research conducted by the professor Marina Krcmar at the University of North Carolina, where she interviewed 120 people, not watching TV, and 92 people doing it, was presented in her book “Life without a screen.”

Aversion to television turns out to be quite common for people with different views. “I interviewed a young single man of 31, the artist living in Boston, who considers himself a man living at the crossroads of cultures. Later, I spoke with a very religious woman, a mother of 10 children who lived in the Midwest. These people would have hardly agreed in their opinion on life issues, but when I asked them about the television, I’ve got absolutely identical answers,”- said Marina.

Krcmar herseklf has been living without television for 13 years. “This is the thing that I do not need, it annoys me, like a mosquito,” – says the researcher. However, she found that the causes which impel man to abandon the TV can be divided into three groups. Read more »


Essay on Eddie Murphy

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Edward Regan (Eddie) Murphy (Brooklyn, New York, 3 april 1961) is an American actor, stand-up comedian and singer.

Murphy began his career as a stand-up comedian. His best-known stand-up shows Delirious (1983) and Raw (1987), were released on VHS and DVD.

Murphy plays generally roll with a comic touch. In some films, he plays multiple roles in addition to a main role.

He began his television career at NBC ‘s Saturday Night Live television show. From the beginning of the eighties, he focused on acting in (more or less) comic movies. After his first film roles in 48 Hrs and Trading Places he became famous. Then followed the successful Beverly Hills Cop series and Coming to America.

In the late eighties and early nineties his popularity declined. However, he made a comeback with the movie The Nutty Professor, a remake of the eponymous film by Jerry Lewis in 1963. Read more »


Essay on the Presidency

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The chapter in the book expounds on the exercise of leadership by presidents and the limitations that executive authority faces. The chapter looks at the environment in which presidents operate especially where there are competing centres of power, checks and balances. The presidents must deal with the diverse interests represented as well as counter the other power sources. It tries to show how the reality of being president is different from the myth that the president is a powerhouse.

The political skills and management capabilities of the president are shown to be significant in terms of managing the diverse interests, negotiate, deal with conflict and mobilize influence.

The chapter also analyses the deep beliefs of American citizens in terms of political and moral beliefs as well as the values that bind the American society together.

It looks at the terms of the presidency and the reality of removing a sitting president who is facing credibility issues. This is centred on the constitutional provisions that regulate the term and removal of a president. The provisions give the criteria to be met and processes to follow. Finally presidential powers in general are analysed, especially his decision making powers as the chief executive of the government, his powers regarding foreign relations and national security and communication to the public,as well as, the powers vested in him in congressional leadership. Read more »

The human interest towards the sky, stars and planets has always been relevant and they have been observing the night sky since the dawn of the human civilization. Numerous scientists have devoted their lives to reveal the secrets of space and find the answers to the questions related with the human existence, space voyages, the existence of other civilisations, the structure of the Universe, etc. Fortunately, due to the development of such sciences as physics, chemistry, astrology, mathematics, people managed to conduct the first space flights and learn something new about the place of our planet in the Universe.

In fact, there are serious discussions which touch upon the question, whether scientist ought to continue spending time, resources and money on the further research of space. It does not worth mentioning that billions of dollars are spend every year on the investigation of new technologies which can contribute into the development of the human knowledge about the Solar System, the structure of planets, stars, celestial phenomena, etc. On one hand, the usefulness of space exploration can not be questioned, because it is interesting know more about the Universe, its structure, organization and functioning and what is more important – to prove the existence of life and the other civilisations which can be found on other planets. Read more »

Neurotic repression of instinct and guilt accompany the endeavor of humankind to live harmoniously in a family and a community. According to Freud, Strachey, Strachey, Richards and Breuer (1974), states of the mind are clearly outlined and delimited. However, the mind state of being in love obscures this clear demarcation. Indeed, the gratification of instincts like love generated happiness. However, starvation from such gratification may become a cause of great suffering. The duality love and pain, and love and loneliness are tensions that emanate from the perpetual endeavor to conform and instinctually repress the demands of civilization. The innate fear to break laws and incur the associated punishment may diminish the search for instinctual individual freedom. At the worst case, such tensions may result into many kinds of psychosis. This is manifested in the discrepancy exhibited between human opinion and their behavior (Freud, Strachey, Strachey, Richards and Breuer, 1974). One such situation is the development of hysteria as depicted in the case of Ilona Weiss, alias Fraulein Elisabeth von R. Such cases require a psychoanalytic approach for their resolution.

This discussion describes the use of psychoanalysis by a neuro-pathologist who was trained to apply electro-prognosis and local diagnoses to treat his patients. In the application of psychoanalysis approaches in the treatment of Fraulein Elisabeth von R’s condition, the physician realized that his trained skills would not be effective in the treatment of hysteria. The physician could not trace any hereditary predispositions to explain his patient’s ailment. In other words, the patients close relations had no reported cases of severe neuro-psychosis and they all appeared well balanced emotionally. Read more »


Why Students Buy Essays?

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Essay writing is probably the most common assignment at every high school, college, and university because it trains students’ critical thinking skills, abilities to analyze things and develop their narrative and descriptive writing skills. The structure of every essay is quite easy, but a student should be aware of it and how to organize the writing process well. It is often complicated for students to prepare a sound enjoyable and thought-provoking piece of writing, so they decide to find the professional essay writing help on the Internet. It is evident that one can take advantage of free sample essays found online, but their quality is quite poor to use them for your paper writing. The only method to prepare an excellent academic paper and get a high mark is to order it online. Read more »


American Political Culture Essay

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Ascriptive hierarchy prevails in the American political culture as opposed to egalitarian ideals
Ascriptive can be defined as the hierarchy system whereby people will be placed in different stratified positions in terms of their personal qualities and qualifications that they are basically without control over. Ascriptive political culture has been known to breed a society in which features such as race, gender, religion, class during birth, ethnicity as well as age will always control an individual’s status as well as ambition limits. On the other hand there are the Egalitarian ideals which are ideals that will favor equality between all living entities and this will be irrespective of the entities social class (Derthick, 76).

Such doctrines maintain that all human are equal in. this will be in terms of social status as well as fundamental worth whereby each individual will be having their right to express their constitutional rights. There also is the political culture that will be aimed at giving citizens orientation towards a given political system and the manner in which they will be the systems actors. Through the paper, there is the description of the popular American political culture that has been known to uphold the ascriptive hierarchy that has led to inequality within the political arena. This is whereby particular political views have been used to run the political scene for stretched periods with most of the available political views favoring inequality among the citizens in terms of race, gender as well as class that involves people from the low class, middle class and the upper class (Smith, 13). Read more »

American Revolution Research Paper:

The American Revolution: Why Did Quebec and Nova Scotia Refused to Join
1. Introduction
In this research paper I will investigate in the reasons why Nova Scotia and Quebec refused to join the American Revolution of 1774-1791, consequences of their refusal as well as possible outcomes and what could have been if they had joined the struggle for independence. I will also describe events that were taking place during the period and express my own opinion regarding those events.

2. Canada and American Revolution
British armies captured Quebec in 1759 and in 1760 they captured Montreal and the territories that before were French colonies of Canada became occupied and governed by the foreign country. For the next three years, Canadian people were hoping that the situation that happened would be eventually changed and Canada would become again French, but events that took place on the 10th of February, 1763 showed that the situation would not be changing. At that day, France admitted its defeat in the Seven Years’ War and the Treaty of Paris was signed, in accordance with which Britain received control over Canada. Even though that period was very successful for British Empire, Britain experienced the financial crisis after the war and the government was looking for the ways to raise the money. Read more »


Dissertation on Abortion

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Dissertation Chapter on Abortions: Legal or Illegal

“Through sonograms and other technology, we can clearly see that unborn children are members of the human family as well. They reflect our image, and they are created in God’s own image,” President George W. Bush1.

The topic about the abortions is very interesting and controversial. It is very important to remember that it is very relative and none situation of it cannot be viewed and judged only from one side and perspective. There are lots of consequences that have primary impact on the situation. And there are also a lot of consequences that would follow legal or illegal attitude to abortions.

At my point of view abortions would better be legalized and I will try to explore and explain my point of view right now.

If Abortion is Legal Read more »


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