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Research paper on Baseball

Posted by admin as Research papers

Example research paper on Baseball:

Baseball is America’s pastime for the last one hundred years. Baseball has brought joy and happiness to many people’s lives throughout the years. Baseball is theater to many people. It shows the struggle between two different teams playing their hearts out to win a championship; just like two countries going to war. Baseball has many star players and many great players that people have grown up with and idolized. Children play games in the local park pretending that they are Mark McGuire or Barry Bonds, hitting the game winning home run in the ninth inning with two outs to win the World Series. In my essay, I will be describing the ritual that I gravitate to. I will convey the six elements of theater while describing the ritual that I gravitate to: baseball.

First, there are the baseball players. They are the actors in this particular genre of theater. They play nine different positions on the field on defense, while the opposing team only has one person on the field batting. If he reaches one of the bases, another person will also bat. The players play the biggest part at a baseball game. They produce all of the excitement that can drive the fans crazy. They do this by hitting homeruns, making spectacular catches, and striking out opposing batters.

Second, we have the managers and umpires. They play the part of the director. The manager determines who gets to be on the field, what position they play, and what they should do while batting. The manager can take a player out of the game at any time, in which he decides will benefit he team. The umpires enforce all the rules on the field. They make sure that the game is played fairly and try to have no bias at all. If it were not for the umpire, baseball would have no organization at all. Without directors in the theater, plays would have no organization at all, the same relates to baseball.

Third, we have the stadium and the baseball field, which are the element of space. The stadium can hold approximately 45,000 people, with many different levels of seating. The seats range from $8 to $200. The baseball field is a large plot of land that ranges from 300 to 400 feet. There are 90 feet between each base, and 4 bases on the field. It is 45 feet between the pitcher and the batter. Each team has its own dugout that is about 100 feet away from each other.

Next, there is the design element, which would be the uniforms that a particular team wears. Most of the uniforms are based off of two to three colors, with the team’s logo or city on the jersey or baseball cap. Our design element also corresponds with the color in the stadium. They generally have the two base colors of the team. The arrangement of colors generally helps distinguish who to cheer for.

This leads to one of the most important parts of theater, the audience. The audience ranges from as young as a two or three year old, all the way to senior citizens. There are people of all kinds, with no racial biased at all. The audience plays a huge part on driving the team. They cheer when a rally is happening. If the team is losing, the fans can inspire the players to reach down deep and try a little harder. If it were not for the audience, there would be no game to be played. After all, they pay the money for the game just like they would at a Broadway play.

Lastly, is the script. These are the rules that are followed to play the game. There are nine innings, with three outs to every inning. There are line-up cards to see who is batting. There are pitch counts to see how many pitches the pitcher has thrown. The script ties very closely with the directors being the managers and umpires to enforce the rules.

Baseball and theater are very similar. They both have actors, directors, space, scripts, audience, and design elements. Baseball is a ritual that many Americans and people around the world call their personal theater. I am one of them. In baseball, there are struggles, failures, victories, and injuries, all for the chance to please the audience; just like an actor on the main stage on Broadway.


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