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Advantages and Disadvantages of Essay Examples

It can be hard to write your paper from scratch, especially when you need to keep an eye on it to make sure that it remains original and that you are avoiding plagiarism. If you’re like many high school, college, and university students, you probably wonder what the best way is to get help with your term papers. The good news is that example essays offer an easy way to learn about the best way to write papers on topics across the disciplines. But how can you know whether an essay example is right for you? To find out, let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using research paper examples for students looking to improve their writing.

Customized, Plagiarism-Free Academic Writing

  • Advantage: When you order an online sample assignment, you get customized, plagiarism-free academic writing that is geared specifically to your assignment. Take for example what happens when you need to review a book. You could look for a free online book review, but it won’t be geared to the specific assignment you need help with. By contrast, a professional writer will address your specific assignment question and will even format your paper in your choice of academic format (APA, MLA, Turabian).
  • Disadvantage: Help from a customized book review or any type of paper, really, is not a substitute for doing the assigned readings, so be sure to complete your readings so you can better understand the essay you receive.

An Essay Written at Your Academic Level

  • Advantage: If you are just starting out in school, it doesn’t make sense to try to write dissertation-level work, but on the other hand, if you are at the doctoral level only dissertation examples written at the doctoral level will be of use to you in developing your own dissertation. When you purchase academic essay examples from us, we will deliver a paper at exactly your academic level to show you how a student at your level should write.
  • Disadvantage: An example essay written for one academic level won’t be a good example for a different level, so it doesn’t pay to try to save money by ordering a paper at a lower academic level. Always order a paper at the right level for you.

A Unique Perspective Other Students Won’t Have

  • Advantage: An example paper lets you see a different way of approaching your topic, different from the collection of similar papers that all of your classmates will be turning in. All of your classmates are in the same class and have been exposed to the same lectures and the same readings. The papers they produce will tend to be quite similar. You can make your paper stand out when a professional writer brings years of experience and an outsider’s perspective to your topic, offering a fresh take that you can use to impress your instructor.
  • Disadvantage: If you get a reputation for having an exciting and dynamic take on the material, you might just need to keep it up with future papers!

Make It as Long or Short as You Want.

  • Advantage: An example paper will always be a good paper, but you also need to have one that is as long or as short as you need it to be. Many assignments have strict word counts, but if you ask for a paper to be longer than the required length, you’ll have more high-quality sample material to work with as you develop your own paper.
  • Disadvantage: If you order a lengthier paper but don’t reduce the word count as you write your own essay, you might end up with an overkill paper that loses points for going on too long. Be sure to abide by your instructor’s requirements!

Example academic writing can make a major difference when you are working toward developing a research paper or other essay and need a bit of help determining the best way to approach your topic and deliver an insightful and well-supported analysis of your topic. Let us show you how we can help.

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