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Sample Essays: Pros and Cons

Students have a hard time writing essays. Everyone knows this, but professors report that one of the most frequent questions that they receive after assigning an essay is a request for sample that will show students how to write their term papers. At every level of school, including college and university essay writing straight through to doctoral level dissertations, students demand research paper samples that they can use as a guide to producing the best essays and to avoid plagiarism. However, most professors also report that they don’t have the time to write sample papers to show students the right way to format their essays or to use APA and MLA style. The good news is that there are services where you can get an academic paper sample to help you develop your paper.

If you are a college student looking for academic paper writing assistance online, you probably already know to beware of websites offering free or extremely cheap term papers. These papers are rarely good because the sites can’t afford to pay good writers for the time and effort needed to produce good quality original essays. Instead, when prices are too low, writers deliver plagiarized essays and bad writing to try to deliver enough writing to make a livable wage. But if you’ve found us, you’ve found a site that offers all of the advantages of sample essays with few of the drawbacks.

Pros of Essay Samples:

  1. 1. Essays written by professional writers with advanced degrees. One great advantage of sample essays from professional writers is that they are much better written than many of the sample papers you might get from fellow students or random internet weirdos. Our writers have PhDs and Master’s degrees and understand what it really means to deliver top quality academic writing. They use their subject matter expertise to research the best sources to produce the highest quality analysis.
  2. 2. Sample papers written to meet your specific instructions. Sample essays written by professionals are designed to meet your needs, so you are the boss. You tell the writer exactly what to do and what to include in the paper, and the writer will produce exactly that.
  3. 3. Guaranteed plagiarism-free essays. Sample essays written by professionals are always free of academic integrity issues such as plagiarism. These papers are checked and rechecked for originality before they are sent to you, so you can feel safe knowing that your paper is free from plagiarism.
  4. 4. Essays delivered on your deadline. When you order a sample paper, you also get to choose the deadline when you will receive your paper. This means that you can get help when you need it, not when someone happens to be willing to help you, such as a week from Tuesday.

Cons of Sample Papers:

  1. While the disadvantage is that this can cost a little more than cheap, plagiarized, and recycled online content, the originality and academic integrity are worth the money.
  2. While this means that your paper will only be as good and as complete as the instructions you provide, you can limit any problems by providing clear and complete instructions.
  3. While the papers you receive are plagiarism-free, it can be tempting to copy directly from these papers for your own. Be careful! That is plagiarism unless properly cited.
  4. Even with the fastest deadlines, you still need to plan ahead to receive your paper. Even the fastest writers still need some time to produce your paper.

With so many advantages, it’s clear that buying sample papers is an important way for students to get ahead in their studies and to overcome the many challenges associated with writing complex research papers and essays. Our team of writers is available around the clock to help you out. Just let us know what you need and we’ll jump into writing the sample paper that will get you the best results.

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