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Custom Creative WritingCreative writing courses are often considered “fun,” and as a result, a large number of students taking these courses think of them as something they can blow off for an easy A on route to a bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or PhD. After all, a five-page short story is hardly a dissertation or even an academic research paper. But if you’re like many college or university students, you’ve probably discovered that creative writing can be a lot harder than you thought, and to make sure that your creative writing course doesn’t make it harder for you to graduate from school, you probably need a little help with writing essays.

Before we begin, let’s talk a moment about the two major subfields of creative writing:

  • creative fiction;
  • creative nonfiction.

Both require:

  • a great deal of originality;
  • imagination;
  • research to get the details right.

Nonfiction is typically more difficult to produce because it takes greater imagination and effort to turn facts into a compelling narrative. Fortunately, there is an effective way to get help with creative writing simply by placing an order with our online service.


If you find yourself in the middle of the creative writing crisis, don’t tend to blame yourself too much. Here are some reasons why this problem is so common among students recently:

  • Reason #1. Writing a story differs from just writing an essay. One of the biggest challenges that students face when composing a creative writing paper is just trying to imagine how they can turn a topic into a perfect story that can encapsulate a feeling.
  • Reason #2. We are not taught to be creative. The whole academic system teaches us to follow the rules, not to be creative. Such assignments are essential but students need time to get used to them.
  • Reason #3. Students lack good examples. Of course, there are lots of creative writing examples in general, but most of them won’t work in the academia. Ordering a creative paper from experts you receive an example which can be used for the similar assignments for numerous times.

The good news is that we have professional assistance available to help you turn your topics into well--finished papers, much the same way that Hamburger Helper can help turn ground beef into a good finished meal.

When you place an order with our company:

  • we match your topic to a writer who has experience writing creative pieces about that topic;
  • this writer then produces a custom written project that address your instructions and requirements;
  • the project embodies the very best of the creative approaches one could take to your topic;
  • it serves as a powerful sample of how best to approach your topic.

Our writer’s approach can give you a number of examples of how to make an original and exciting approach to specific aspects of the creative writing process.


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Creative writing offers an outlet for talent, but did you know we also provide key advantages like these?

  • Experienced writers with top talent. Our writers hold advanced degrees in their field, including master’s degrees and PhDs. They use these advanced degrees to produce exceptional papers with deep insight and professional caliber writing skills.
  • Writing at any academic level. Creative writing is a subject that students study at every academic level, from high school straight through to the graduate level. A paper meant for one level is not appropriate for another level, so our writers are trained to deliver exactly the level of writing you need for your assignment.
  • Getting a free quote. A creative writing assignment might spark a bit of anxiety when trying to figure out how much you would need to pay for a model paper. We take the guesswork out of ordering by providing you with a free quote before you place your order.
  • Writer’s sample option. Because creative writing is a very subjective type of writing, you probably want to know if our writers’ style and tone will match your expectations. We’ll send you a sample from a writer so you can be the judge before you order.

Feel Confident Ordering from Us

When our expert writes a project for you, we want you to feel confident that you are buying a product that will meet your needs. We don’t want you to pay for writing that won’t be effective for you, so we offer a plagiarism guarantee. Our papers are guaranteed to be 100% free from plagiarism and completely original. We pass every paper through specialized software similar to that used by major colleges and universities in order to review every paper for originality before it reaches you. That way you can feel confident that the paper you pay for is one that will meet the highest standards of academic honesty. After all, when you pay for custom writing, you want to make sure that no one is trying to cheat you by passing off someone else’s work as original custom writing.

Creative writing is a challenging area of academic writing because it is so very different from the standard term paper or research paper. There is no template for a creative writing piece, and that makes it more difficult to produce. You might think that this kind of writing would command a much higher fee and require much more time to produce. You would be wrong, however, because our system of assigning papers to writers who best match each topic means that we can have a writer ready to produce your essay very quickly, and that writer can use his or her skills and knowledge to create a perfect custom paper on the same deadlines as any other type of assignment.

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