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Writing a custom proposal might be an exhausting task and here is why:

  • Mostly you have to write a particular kind of a custom proposal only once or twice in your entire life, and you simply don't have enough experience;
  • The given time is limited, and the assignment is very time-consuming;
  • You have other assignments to deal with, and your attention begins to wander.

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Custom Proposal Writing of Any Kind

You have to write custom proposals being in college and university, during your MBA classes and even sometimes while being in a high school. Our team of the seasoned academic writers is ready to deal with a proposal of any kind, but from our experience students are looking for a research proposal, grant proposal and dissertation proposal writing help the most often.

Research Proposal. When writing a custom research proposal for college or university students, our expert writers first of all pay attention to the following points:

  • The theme. It reflects the characteristic features of the problem.
  • The object is a set of connections and relations, properties which exists objectively in theory and practice and serves as a source of information necessary for research.
  • The subject of the research is more concrete. It includes only those connections and relations which serve as a subject of the direct study of work, establishes the boundaries of scientific research. Each object can be identified by several subjects of research.
  • Goal and tasks. The goal is formed briefly and extremely accurately, in a semantic sense expressing the main thing that the researcher intends to do. The goal is concretized and developed in the objectives of the study.

Dissertation Proposal Writing this kind of proposal requires rather significant amount of time. It gets only worse because most of the students write such kind of assignment only once in their life, which means they have no experience and can many mistakes. Buying a research proposal from us you can be sure that our writers will meticulously follow all the requirements and cover all the needed points, which include:

  • The relevance of the research object as a whole, its signs, scope of use;
  • Brief history of the development of the object research;
  • Forming the attributes of the object, its definition and relevance;
  • The current state of the subject of research, the degree of development of the topic;
  • Disadvantages of the object and subject of research (formation of a problem situation);
  • The purpose of the dissertation work;
  • Objectives of the study;
  • Theoretical research platform;
  • Suggested research methods;
  • Hypothesis (solution) of the stated problem;
  • Anticipated novelty of the results;
  • Justification of the provisions and approbation.
  • Importance of results for theory and practical usage.

This list is not exhaustive, but we hope you can appreciate out thorough approach when we work together on your dissertation project.

Grant Proposal. In most cases, the application includes the following items:

  • Introduction;
  • Description of the project;
  • Justification of the requested sum of money;
  • A detailed description of the budget;
  • Conclusion.

Grant proposal writing is much more serious task than most of the academic paper writing, because it concerns some real money which our client can receive or not. We do our best to make it happen. Our team is well aware of the major points which grant giving organizations are truly interested in:

  • The extent to which the project meets the objectives and priorities of the fund ot the particular program;
  • Importance, relevance, and realism of the project;
  • Project implementation mechanism;
  • Realistic budget;
  • The importance of the results obtained;
  • Reliability of the organization or the person performing the project;
  • Availability, as well as the amount of contribution to the project of own resources of the executing organization or other "donors."

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The system is simple. The earlier you pay for a custom research proposal of your choice, the less you will pay. It is only logical because when you order earlier we have time to assign a writer, we give him an opportunity to make an in-depth research without hurry and working extra hours. Of course, we are able and ready to help you out even 24 hours before the deadline, as we have more than 300 writers online to deal with your assignment and we can make some of them work together on your project and come up with a final draft on time. Whether you need a custom research proposal, grant proposal or a dissertation proposal we are always here to assist you professionally and at an affordable price. Place an order or fill out a free inquiry now and our support team will jump into action!

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