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Write My Essay for MeThe pressures of college can weigh on even the most conscientious of students. From your standard high school term paper to the undergraduate research papers and straight up to a doctoral dissertation, students around the world are looking for someone to who can help make their academic writing experiences easier. But the reasons that students like you go online looking for someone to pay to help with their essays differ from student to student. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that students in highly competitive countries like the US and Canada have turned to online services for help.


“I don’t like to admit that I go on like to find someone to write my essay for me,” Carlos says. He is a junior at a competitive college studying architecture. “But you do what you have to do. My writing skills aren’t always the best, and I know what I want to say but can’t always get the words to do what I want them to. I lose whole letter grades because I can’t write clearly, not because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t type very well, and it takes me a long time to peck the words out, and they’re not very good when I do.”

Carlos says that finding Effective Papers made a real difference.

“I tell them exactly what I’m trying to write about, and I can even send them my draft of what I’m trying to say, and their writers will turn it into a paper that says what I mean for it to say. This makes a huge difference. My grade has gone up a whole letter.”

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Another major factor that stops students from producing their best essays is time. Consider the average college student today.

  • A full-time course load is typically five courses.
  • Approximately 40 hours per week of class time and homework.
  • An extracurricular load, including sports.
  • Many also have part time jobs or work study.

The result is a time crunch that can leave little left over for essay writing. Portia, a freshman at a flagship state school, explains:

“I ended up having to find someone to write my paper for money because I just ran out of time, and it came down to a choice. Either I had to turn something in to make the grade, or I would fail the class and lose a ton of money and maybe even my scholarship. It’s not like I go to college for free. College isn’t cheap, and failing wasn’t an option. When push came to shove, I got an essay from Effective Papers and learned the difference that a great sample paper can make when I’m trying to toss together something at the last minute to save my grade and keep me in school.”

With the help of Effective Papers, Portia was able to save her grade and return to college for her second semester. She now uses Effective Papers to save time and balance schoolwork with sports.


We can write an essay for you whenever you need it. At the same time, we bet you have heard this claim numerous time, or better to say read it. Most of the essay writing services online say they are ready to help you, but only several of them work up to your expectations. Get to know why you should consider addressing us for timely assistance.

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But don’t take our word for it. Consider the satisfied customers who come back to us time and again for essay help.

“I would totally use Effective Papers again to write my essay,” Portia says.

“You guys are a real life-saver!” Carlos adds.

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