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Original EssaysWhat does it mean to be original? Once upon a time, it didn’t mean much. In ancient times, it was actually considered bad form to be original. Ancient writers would strive to show how closely they were following traditional models. Even as late as the eighteenth century, a common way to introduce a new idea was as a commentary to a Classical text, presenting the new innovations as merely an extrapolation from some time-honored principle laid down by the ancients. It was the Enlightenment that changed everything and helped create the cultural demand for originality that we see today.

More than a century ago, Elias Nasan described the power of originality in making the case for why new ideas and innovation were a necessary step on the path to progress:

“Tramp, tramp over the rocks we go, still moving in a circle, till some Bacon, Newton, Faraday, steps out of the circle, and tells us how to shun the rocks. Millions march, but make no progress. They plow, sow, reap, hew, forge, and build: it is the same dull story — furrow in the same old furrow; song on the same old key-note; driving a treadmill; grinding corn, like Samson, blinded. Then comes up a thinker, and the world advances by originality. Not by repetition, not by imitation, not by chance, nor accident, but by originality; and if there be no originality, then there is no advancement. Indeed, our civilization is but the aggregate, the sum-total, the representative of originality.”

Original Research Papers for Students

Here at, we know that writing an original essay can be a challenge, especially for college students who have had difficulty in the past keeping their papers plagiarism-free. Our essay writing service produces non-plagiarized essays that are as unique as you are. All of our original term papers are designed to show you exactly how to write good essays that emphasize originality. Our model essays will show you the right way to approach your topic and the best way to stay on the right side of academic honesty. When we deliver an original research paper, our writers make sure your order has all of its sources cited correctly, with documentation provided in the format of your choice, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. This way, you can see exactly how to work with sources and how to summarize, paraphrase, or quote them correctly.

We can right on a wide range of topics, and our writers are academic masters with the skills and knowledge to use their advanced degrees to turn your essay topics into high quality model papers. We know you have many options if you want to buy essays online, which is why we pride ourselves on producing affordable essays that never compromise on quality. We know that students need help, and we understand that when we offer an essay for sale, you expect it to be exceptional. That’s why we guarantee that every paper is completely original and plagiarism-free, but it’s also why we work with only the world’s best writers to create papers that meet or exceed all of your requirements.

Originality Means More at Effective Papers

When you order from us, you are making a statement that originality matters. We hear you loud and clear, and that’s why we go beyond plagiarism detection to make originality mean more:

  • Unique Analysis from Talented Writers. Our writers use their Master’s and PhD degrees to understand your topic at a deeper level and apply original insights you won’t find in standard online sources to produce unique analysis that gets to the heart of the issue.
  • Documentation of Sources in Any Format. Citing sources is the key to avoiding plagiarism, and our writers are trained to use all of the major academic formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. We can also use alternative formats upon request.
  • Research Skills You Can’t Get Elsewhere. Our writers have an insider’s understanding of academic literature and can mine scholarly databases for the latest and best sources to fully support your sample paper with unprecedented quality research.
  • Our High Quality Promise. We currently boast an 8.5 out of 10 quality rating, and our high score is testament to the exceptional writing skills of our writers and our customer service team’s tireless dedication to total essay satisfaction.

Let Our Service Help You

Our writers are standing by to help you with your toughest papers. Each of our writers is not just a master of the subject matter but also a native speaker of the English language, which helps guarantee that the paper you receive will be well-written each and every time you order.

Let us make the difference for you when it comes to your toughest essay challenges. We can produce completely original essays to order, and we’ll get them to you by the deadline you set. You’ll never be wondering where your essay is or whether its original when you use our high quality and affordable essay service.

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