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Custom EssayIn today’s tough academic environment, written assignments are the gold standard that professors use to evaluate how much students have learned and how well they are doing in their courses. However, this creates a problem for students. Because every professor wants to keep tabs on their students’ progress, the number of essays students must write has exploded over the past decade. Today, it’s not uncommon for students to become overwhelmed in the face of the mounting homework assignments, leaving them with little opportunity to take advantage of everything that college has to offer.

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In today’s internet-powered world, it’s easy to go online and download an essay within seconds. But these texts tend to be out of date, badly written, and plagiarized. Worse, they aren’t on your exact topic, which limits how useful they can be when writing your own paper. Consider the case of a student we’ll call Jennifer who came to us after buying a “pre-written” paper that was on sale on another site:

“I bought an essay to see how to write a paper about my topic,” she said, “but it turned out that it had been written in 2002, and I didn’t realize that a lot has changed since then. My professor marked me down because my paper had too many old sources, and it missed some of the requirements.”

Jennifer came to us for help fixing her essay disaster. We gave her assignment to one of our writers with a Master’s degree in the subject. Our writer was able to address each requirement of the assignment and use the latest research to put together a well-researched and insightful discussion of Jennifer’s essay topic. When she read this custom essay, she immediately realized the difference choosing the right essay service can make.

“This is really the best place to order custom written essays,” Jennifer said when placing another order the next day. “You made another sale!”


Ordering from us, you will receive several guaranteed benefits:

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Our original essays are written to order and are completely customized to meet your needs. When you entrust us with your assignment, simply give us the instructions you need us to follow:

  • the topic;
  • the due date;
  • your level of education;
  • the preferred citation style;
  • the number of pages needed;
  • additional instructions given by your professor;

We will customize your essay to use your selected writing style, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard, if required, and we will also include specific concepts, ideas, or points of view upon request. Whatever you need, no matter how large or how small, we can provide it for you easily. We will work on your deadline, with affordable pricing on every order.

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